Calcutta…my home…

In the myriad of millions of writings on Calcutta, the earlier capital of India, and one of the most historical cities with the touches of the British Raj all over, this is my take on the city in which I am born and brought up and always come back to even from anywhere in the world, the city which has made me….:)

It is an ever evolving city, growing in bits and pieces, increasing it’s area, growing both in population and beauty and chaos. Besides it’s labyrinth of streets and lanes and by lanes, chaotic traffic, ever crowded thoroughfares, this always busy, always running city never stops to fascinate in terms of it’s friendliness, warmth, relaxed lifestyle, intellectualism, artistic, and the contrasting look of the ultra modern with the traditionally old.

From my childhood till now, i have always been a resident of the southern part Β of the city, popularly known as the South Calcutta[even though Calcutta was renamed Kolkata in the bengali mother tongue, I prefer to call my city in the previous name of Calcutta by which it is known worldwide]. While Bengali is the mother language of the state of West Bengal in which Calcutta is the hub, most of the general population are well versed in the national language Hindi, and very well versed in the official language English.

There are still some places of greenery in such a conglomerate of concrete, one such piece of greenery is in the beautiful gardens of Victoria Memorial, an iconic structure made under the rule of the British Raj.






The iconic bridge called Howrah bridge standing on the ganges is the identity of the city as life throngs on both sides of the city and the city actually grew on the banks of the holy Ganga. And to give good support to this iconic old bridge, a brand new Hooghly bridge now stands tall like a new ornament on the ganges.

Other famous icons include the Raj Bhaban[Governor’s house], Indian museum, the botanical gardens, the National library, iconic Howrah and Sealdah railway stations, the brand new Netaji Subhash Airport terminal both domestic and international, iconic cricket stadium Eden Gardens, the Alipore Zoo gardens, St Paul’s Cathedral Chutch, the beautiful temples of Goddess Kali in Kalighat and Dakhineswar and many more…….I will try to cover each one of these in separate write ups……just some glimpses of how they look….

The real lifeline of the city is in it’s streets….and that’s quite a busy web throughout the length and breadth of the city… spite of the brand new huge malls with all their high end shopping and entertainment adding to the style and oomph factor of the city, still the streets give conduct huge selling business of various fares and very popular among residents too…….will see some glimpses of both the worlds….:)

The heartbeat of this city is it’s very friendly people….always there to help with a smile…..and very hospitable lot….loves their food…their music….their families….travelling…shopping…gossiping…drinking….sports particularly cricket and soccer….gambling on the racing course :):)……and of course their daily lives…….and the thousands of guests arriving in the city from all over the world……

It is my city which I love very much…….and am very proud of in spite of many shortcomings……:)…..Welcome all of you here… come and stay as long as you want…:)…..will end up today with a song….:)

The City made me me… Maldito….


Thank you…..with love…:)


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  1. It’s not called city of joy for no reasons. Lovely write up. I have been to Kolkata twice and gets invited so many times because of many close relatives. I always felt that its city with a very strong character. I’m yet to explore this magical city.

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