Kindness….the magic word…


My religion is very simple…my religion is kindness…..Dalai Lama.

Of course, kindness is the magic word. Difficult to practise but not impossible at all and if practiced in totality it is the best gift for everybody. 

As I believe in it…I know you all do too. ..

Will request all fellow bloggers to describe kindness in few words either in reply comments or tagging kindness in your blog posts…..would love to know your interpretation of kindness. 😊


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  1. keyadutta says:

    Simplicity is the glory of expression! Your blogs exactly portrait so. Best wishes!

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    1. Anindya says:

      Thank you very much.’s just a humble beginning. ..😊


  2. Sherry says:

    Well for me kindness is a very wide term. It means having compassion and empathy for all living beings, treating others fairly and going out of your way to help others without expecting anything in return. ☺ this world can certainly use some right now.

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    1. Anindya says:

      Yes. ..very nicely written. …surely the world will be a much better place with kindness. ..👍👍


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