Paperback or e-book….?

confusion pint31

Yes….I am confused….because I do like both…..what about you…?

I remember those great days at school when I got my hands on the first hard cover Hardy boys action flick in the school library and you should see my face…:):) ..I was so happy…..took the book home and read it through the weekend…..and it felt so good in the hands….there’s so much volume any paper book carries with it, be hard cover or paperback or magazine……can’t count how many Tintin hard covers[those big glossy mags] I have read and are there in my home collection…..and since then it has been quite a journey with big hard cover and paperback books…..:)….and i hope the journey will continue for a long long time…..:)

But….the question is….will it…?

I know times are changing… is evolving…so are we…’s the universal law of nature….to accept all changes with positivity and good feelings….to know all changes are a step ahead than the earlier times….not by demeaning the past….but by glorifying the past with the future to be even brighter……so are books and our reading habits….they are changing too…….our books have now become much more accessible and handy in our smart devices, just flip the pages, digitally I mean, bookmark, lock your locations, modify the fonts, adjust the backlights…….and so much more…..such voluminous materials neatly stored among the clouds…:)……that’s our e-books…..

Now, you can’t just let go of all your glorious past just because some dazzling future has arrived in your palms…..can you….?….but you can enjoy best of both the worlds and bask in the glory of human inventions while keeping the romanticism alive….

For me, the feel of a hard cover or a paperback is equally as stimulating as flipping through digital pages and taking control…..:)….we are into reading in the clouds now…..:)

pint32 pint33


Let me know your ideas and thoughts on this……:)….


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