Peace….in a serene little Japanese garden..

Nothing can be more peaceful than spending some quiet time in a beautiful calm and serene settings of a Japanese forest with the sounds of a bell ringing in a Buddhist temple in this garden……….and if that can be found in your own home city rather than travelling all the way to Japan, then there’s nothing like it..:)

And these serene wilderness can be best captured in visual images rather than trying to describe them through words………and that’s where my smartphone camera went into work last evening in this beautiful Japanese garden in my home city Calcutta………:)….trust me, you will feel the surroundings through these images which portrays Japan’s rich tradition in and heritage….and the Buddha, the phenomenon which originated here in India and embraced the entire world in it’s open arms………..the smell of the beautiful oriental incense in the temple and the gardens creates a heavenly calmness in which you will float and the feeling will stay with you forever…..:)…

Thanks to the officials in Calcutta and Tokyo for making this beautiful garden a reality here……..:)



Happy Day to everybody…….:)




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