Mastering the Mind……

 And that is where the training of the mind becomes very important......and the training has to be purely self training........ It is not difficult, but not easy either. To focus your mind on the single goal of creating happiness, compassion, gratefulness and kindness is the ultimate challenge, and requires regular practice. And if practised regularly,... Continue Reading →


Kanchenjunga….a photo tribute….

Looking back on this lazy Sunday through my picture book, can't help staring at the stark beauty of the gorgeous Kanchenjunga peak in the Himalayas, the third highest in the world, in all it's glory from the beautiful colonial hill town of Darjeeling.  Of course apart from various other attractions which brings hordes of travelers... Continue Reading →

Jacob Riddall…..and some tunes….

Plymouth singer songwriter and folk artist Jacob Riddall is my newest find. I have already listened to some of his songs and sure am moved by them.......after following one of my top favorites Ben Howard of the same genre, Jacob Riddall according to me will be hugely successful in creating his unique style of folksy... Continue Reading →

Buddha…..the universal phenomenon…

Yes, Buddha is the universal phenomenon that reigns supreme in the much more simpler ways in everybody's lives......and that is amazing..... For me, I am becoming far more amazed at my daily discoveries of the Buddha, his life, his teachings, his relevance in these modern times much more and the entire persona which can easily... Continue Reading →

Four songs a Day….Rosi Golan…

Our today's featured artist is Rosi Golan.......and we will listen to four songs from her...... I first listened to her song Think of Me from Dear John soundtrack and was deeply moved by the same. Her voice has that sweetness that fills up her listeners with the beauty of life through music, even in awfully... Continue Reading →

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