Take any suffering positively…….

Yes, we all suffer sometimes…..in numerous ways. Sometimes, it becomes the inevitable and the reality, and puts us in difficult situations. Suffering creates troubles, put up blocks, limits the growth of life to great extant. And we, just loose our confidence, loose our sleep, become a wreck emotionally and suffer……in other words….we accept suffering as some unavoidable truth and happily succumb to it…….

But at what cost…? ……is it right to allow sufferings to conquer our lives and we make not only our lives miserable but everybody around us miserable too ?……….we destroy our happiness, our peace ?……..No……..that is a costly mistake…..


And that is what we have to control……..it’s our mindfulness……..it’s easier said than done…..but nobody said it’s gonna be easy……and we have tremendous power within us to really control our minds to see the positive lights even in sufferings……trust me…..we have………

Any cause of suffering needs to be handled positively and with mindfulness, so that we can get out of it and move on…..rather than holding it like a big block in our hearts and suffer inside for eternity……..this life is short and there is lots to do and lots to see…….

Please don’t punish yourself, take suffering out of your system, imbibe happiness inside you like you breathe every minute………..every situation has it’s own beauty…..and it helps us to learn and grow, evolve and take further strides to greatness…….you will never get an utopian world…..our world will be full of sufferings inspite of being beautiful……yet, we need to concentrate on the beauty of it, rather than holding to the negative elements……:)

And, the beauties of life are endless……so much to enjoy….:)



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