Kanchenjunga….a photo tribute….

Looking back on this lazy Sunday through my picture book, can’t help staring at the stark beauty of the gorgeous Kanchenjunga peak in the Himalayas, the third highest in the world, in all it’s glory from the beautiful colonial hill town of Darjeeling. 

Of course apart from various other attractions which brings hordes of travelers to Darjeeling and develops the tourism industry there each year, Kanchenjunga remains as the major attraction, particularly for travelers who can only dream of climbing the world’s highest ones, and also for prospective climbers who very often visit these hill towns as part of their onward trekking for a greater goal they might be having…….

Kanchenjunga stands tall and like many other top peaks, very cold and lonely, yet, the center of attraction for thousands who just can’t have enough of their share of the icy faces and peak of this mountain. It’s amazing how in every inch of this hill town of Darjeeling, from early morning till sunset, all visitors are primarily engaged in staring at the mountain peak by any means possible, through those long lenses, cameras, smartphones, tablets and of course the naked eyes……..they even travel at any vantage point available, and braving bitter cold very early in the morning, sit for hours to watch the first sunlight on the peak as it turns golden and present a heavenly site……..Kanchenjunga mesmerises, fascinates, and fills up every traveler with it’s royal presence covering the skyline of the great Himalayan ranges…….and brings people to it over and over again……..

And these are some of the glimpses through my gadget eyes…….:)


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