Colors…..and a Bowling Alley…

Yesterday, in order to fulfill some of my social responsibilities, visited a very prominent bowling club cum entertainment center cum event space on invitation and attended this little party.

Bowling Alleys are pretty common everywhere, with enthusiastic people trying their hands at bowling and other indoor games with food and fun and frolic……pure bliss after a hard days’ work for some.

And this Nicco Super Bowl in Calcutta is non other different than the rest, in it’s glamour qoutient. And we also got deeply immersed in the festivities.

What stood out for me and stuck my eyes was the different colors used in the lighting pattern throughout this bowling alley, and proved to be a great stress buster, Yes, colors do lift up the mood and make everything very happy happy if properly used or else it becomes eye sores….:)………but the colors here yesterday got captured in my smartphone…………here’s a look…..


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