Just another day…….

Ok…..so how’s your day going ?….:)

These days are becoming a real test of my patience as I can feel it very strongly…..and that gives me the best opportunity to put mindfulness to the real test…..:)…..yes….you really learn in difficult times…..to control your mind….and stay positive and happy and not allow the uncertainties to bog you down..

I just left my 14 years long job at the Bank some time back, and that also a well paid job with a big title….:)….can you believe it…?!!……you will start thinking I am crazy……maybe I am…:)


But, how can you grow unless you change and take the plunge in risky domains……and that’s what driving me…..i really am positive and optimistic that I will find another job, a much bigger one……and you know why I am so confident ?…….it’s just simply that I loved my previous job and put my heart and soul into it while I was at it…..and it is surprising that I left that same job which has made me real grateful for all that I learned and experienced in all these years….and yet, sometimes it becomes the best to look for a change and move on and wish for another beautiful next job where again I will find the chance and opportunity to work with that dedication and passion as I had done previously. 


So, the days are passing now in re establishing the old contacts as well as forging new ones. And, making the network even stronger……..and nobody said it’s gonna be easy…:)….and then I have so much to do…..so much to be pre occupied with…….first, this wonderful blogging that we are all connected with, and with such amazing friends as you all…..next, so many new books to explore…..and music, how can I even stay out of it…:)……also, movies are so much awe inspiring at times and have so much to offer…………and also my learnings into the life of Buddha and his teachings, that has been so much refreshing………:)

It will be a long journey…..and a very beautiful one…..and I am positive I will get there…:)

Here’s a beautiful track for all of you that I am listening now……….


Have a wonderful Wednesday…….and stay positive….:)


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