Purpose….an incredible alarm clock….

Yes….true that is….and it really struck me since the time I discovered this quote……Purpose is an incredible alarm clock….


I started wondering what this means. The time I wake up in the morning and till the time to go to sleep, is there any real purpose to spend the day with…..it is the day, and it goes off in a whisker and we just let it go like that…??!!……rather we can make good use of it and spend it with real purpose which should be dear and known to us…..yes, we can, and we must get up with real purpose and make the day count, make everyday count as a matter of fact……because life is short, my friends……



And that is quite connected, and true again……we all want our days to be beautiful, peaceful, positive and successful before we call it a day……and then, without even acting with a positive attitude, we regret at the end of the day with a depressed mind that the day went on by just like that……without any beauty, without any purpose…..

It’s upto us to make it happen……to make our days more meaningful and purposeful……to find inner beauty of our own minds and spread the beauty around so that it affects everyone……and that has a very direct bearing on every task we undertake throughout the day to make it successful…..to fulfill our ambitions, our desires, our goals…..and rejoice a purposeful day in the day…..to sleep peacefully without worrying….and waking up with to the sweet sound of purpose again the next morning……we must drive ourselves with the happiness that results in positiveness and success in the end……..

Even a 10 minute meditation also makes the day purposeful by spreading the calmness in the mind and soul as it shows it’s real results in the various jobs we undertake…….how wonderful that sounds……..:)



Yes….the beautiful lotus grows in the mud…..and that’s the real purpose….to rise and shine with kindness, compassion, happiness, love….from the midst of difficult times never ending…………


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