Arrival……every minute…..


Well it’s quite hard to say……even if there was a faint possibility to even see whether we could have known the same…..

Do we even know what’s in store for us tomorrow ?…, we don’t. All we know is now, the present moment, which is in our hands to change the way we like…..and these moments arrive….every minute, every second…….and the way we respond, in many ways decides the course of our life is to take in future……where we will arrive eventually…..

But still, we want to know the future, so that we can have the pleasure of thinking remotely to rectify and change whatever our past had made us go through. We are always hungry and greedy of knowing the future, to go into that uncertain joy of relishing the good things to come to us. And this, my friends, trouble us more…..our minds get confused with more complexities and wishful thinking consumes the much more rational and practical thoughts . And we arrive at nothing………..

it’s only the present that we have…..these moments will be gone next minute, real fast……so it’s the arrival of these very moments that we should rejoice and live to the fullest……and the future will take it’s own course… matter what……

Live for the present, in the present, by the present……and be happy and free and peaceful……arrive every minute like it was a new minute……:)…

Take care…….


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