Hi….so you must be wondering why musicalsoundscapes….well I basically thrive in the landscape of music almost in every moment of my life along with other interests and works that I do……:)

I am Anindya from India.A Banker by profession, sportsman, book lover, movie buff, casual photographer and a music fanatic…:):)


I created this blog to share primarily music, which is my top favourite subject…:)….and also to share about everything that goes on in our lives on a daily basis, my take on all these…..to connect with everyone….to spread happiness and love …..to have some memorable good times among the entire blogging community and also to make many new friends…:)…..and I just love to share…:)

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  1. (Art)iculate Culture says:

    Lovely! I was just wondering… is silence uncomfortable to you? 🙂

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    1. Anindya says:

      No. ..on the other hand silence is my general happy state in many situations. …😊

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      1. (Art)iculate Culture says:


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  2. Hello Anindya. It is so nice to meet you and discover your interest. It is going to be fun to follow you and see the world through your eyes and words.

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    1. Anindya says:

      Thank you very much. .😊…looking forward for all your support and to your blog too. ..😊👍👍

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      1. You are welcome. You have our support and we look forward to this journey we are all on. so much fun learning from others.

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