Salvation of a Saint……

Huh...? !! must be wondering from the post title what is this about....:) No, I am not that qualified to write anything deep about any this is not a religious what it is...? This is the title of one of the most spine chilling, intense, gripping murder mystery stories I have read in... Continue Reading →


Paperback or e-book….?

¬† Yes....I am confused....because I do like both.....what about you...? I remember those great days at school when I got my hands on the first hard cover Hardy boys action flick in the school library and you should see my face...:):) ..I was so happy.....took the book home and read it through the weekend.....and it... Continue Reading →

Message in a Bottle…..

'On a sea-side vacation she, Theresa accidentally came across this bottle washed up on the beach. Inside the bottle was a letter written by someone named Garrett to his wife¬†Catherine. Theresa went through this letter and was deeply over whelmed at the intensity by which this man expressed his love for his wife who passed... Continue Reading →

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