Peace….in a serene little Japanese garden..

Nothing can be more peaceful than spending some quiet time in a beautiful calm and serene settings of a Japanese forest with the sounds of a bell ringing in a Buddhist temple in this garden..........and if that can be found in your own home city rather than travelling all the way to Japan, then there's... Continue Reading →


Luck….eh…? :)

via Daily Prompt: Luck Well....I am not sure.....about luck I mean...:):).....these four letters have always left me in the dark....for all my life, this gentleman or gentlewoman has never smiled at me.....or I was expecting too much ? :):)......Trust me......we shouldn't.... I don't want to spoil your good feelings with luck or your happy long... Continue Reading →

Holi…..a riot ofcolors…:)

Yes, today is the day to talk about colors, in loads, of all shades, brighter the merrier..:)...Yes, as we celebrate the beautiful festival of colors worldwide today and tomorrow, it makes sense to look back at the origin of this festival and how it has become such a huge thing for people of all ages.....:) Continue Reading →

via Daily Prompt: Pattern Yes, when I start talking about the secret of pattern, I mean the pattern of life as a whole.....yes, life has its own pattern that unfolds in front of us in so many forms. These patterns generally spring up as 'Changes'. And 'Changes' are something that we are always sceptical about and... Continue Reading →

Calcutta…my home…

In the myriad of millions of writings on Calcutta, the earlier capital of India, and one of the most historical cities with the touches of the British Raj all over, this is my take on the city in which I am born and brought up and always come back to even from anywhere in the... Continue Reading →

From my friend Liz’s blog….

The registration is free for a limited time (23 hours left right now), so I wanted to share it with you all right away. via Free Photography Course at Shaw Academy — Stay Strong, Daily Warrior! Request you to visit Liz C., Stay Strong, Daily Warrior! for more details... Thank you......:)

Clear it up…..

Okay, what have we got here ? ....I stumbled upon this long time back and couldn't help wonder what's it all about. limited intelligence interpreted this as that you need to clear your perspective every now and then because sometimes even your clear and simple mind can get blurred by so many things that... Continue Reading →

Shining light behind every cloud….

Was browsing through my picture book...suddenly stumbled upon this one taken with my Samsung smartphone three years back on a family trip to Araku Valley in Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India....this dazzling display of natural chaos in the sky was on a beautiful evening which I caught from my hotel balcony.........and it clearly proves without... Continue Reading →

HongKong and Macau…my pic book…

One of the busiest business and entertainment hubs in Asia, Hongkong and Macau are an amazing destination no matter what kind of trip you are taking..... In 2012, I got a chance to visit these two lovely islands on the South China sea for an official tour with some chill time in between......and I will... Continue Reading →

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