It's Saturday.....weekend....and also just one day away from one of the greatest festivals in India here which is also celebrated in many countries globally, it's the festival of colours, here's my best wishes to all fellow bloggers for a very Happy Holi....spread bright and beautiful colours, love and happiness among everybody....and stay musically connected....:)... Continue Reading →

Being good…..

Yes....being good matter what the situation, you be good, all these years it has worked for me, trust is time tested and proven...nothing in the world is more important to you than you being good to yourself and the rest of the world that you live be good...spread happiness among your... Continue Reading →

Daughter….Elena Tonra…

Today is the apt day for introducing my top favourite band Daughter...or i can say it's Elena Tonra as she is the main backbone of Daughter. This is one such band for me who never disappoints not in any single song....I am deeply hooked on to their style of dreamy ethereal alternative indie rock and... Continue Reading →

William Fitzsimmons…poet, singer, musician…

One of the many acoustic artists I admire very much is William Fitzsimmons and this is my introduction of him...... An Illinois based singer songwriter recorded most of his early albums in his previous home in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.....and his songs have been featuring in tv series like Grey's Anatomy.  As a musician, his style of... Continue Reading →

Jesse Cook….a Master of Guitar…

I am very happy to write this post about a genius whom I admire very much, not just being a very talented guitarist from Canada, but also being a great human being. He is Jesse Cook and what he does with the guitar in his hand is pure magic.....though many in the classical guitar fraternity... Continue Reading →

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