Holi…..a riot ofcolors…:)

Yes, today is the day to talk about colors, in loads, of all shades, brighter the merrier..:)...Yes, as we celebrate the beautiful festival of colors worldwide today and tomorrow, it makes sense to look back at the origin of this festival and how it has become such a huge thing for people of all ages.....:)...trust... Continue Reading →


Photo of the day…..from Rushikonda, Vizag

Ok....so while going through my travel picture book my eyes got stuck at this one.....taken with a smartphone camera from the hotel terrace while on tour in Vizag, originally called Vishakhapatnam, a beautiful coastal town in Andhra Pradesh, India. This sea side is called Rushikonda and it is mesmerisingly beautiful. Vizag is also the headquarters... Continue Reading →

Message in a Bottle…..

'On a sea-side vacation she, Theresa accidentally came across this bottle washed up on the beach. Inside the bottle was a letter written by someone named Garrett to his wife┬áCatherine. Theresa went through this letter and was deeply over whelmed at the intensity by which this man expressed his love for his wife who passed... Continue Reading →

Calcutta…my home…

In the myriad of millions of writings on Calcutta, the earlier capital of India, and one of the most historical cities with the touches of the British Raj all over, this is my take on the city in which I am born and brought up and always come back to even from anywhere in the... Continue Reading →

Let go….

Let go of your egos Let go of your anger Let go of your fears Let go of your negative thoughts Let go of your anxieties Let go of your depressions Let go of the though of revenge Instead Embrace happiness Embrace good thoughts Embrace simplicity Embrace peace Embrace friendships Embrace life Coz life is... Continue Reading →

HongKong and Macau…my pic book…

One of the busiest business and entertainment hubs in Asia, Hongkong and Macau are an amazing destination no matter what kind of trip you are taking..... In 2012, I got a chance to visit these two lovely islands on the South China sea for an official tour with some chill time in between......and I will... Continue Reading →


My take for this beautiful word.....kindness to yourself, kindness to your circumstances, kindness to everyone around you, even to those who don't want you, kindness to all living and non living entities you come across daily, kindness to life as a whole....difficult ?....of course Yes.....but not impossible by any means...:)...kindness comes from happiness and peace.....and... Continue Reading →

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