William Fitzsimmons…poet, singer, musician…

One of the many acoustic artists I admire very much is William Fitzsimmons and this is my introduction of him...... An Illinois based singer songwriter recorded most of his early albums in his previous home in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.....and his songs have been featuring in tv series like Grey's Anatomy.  As a musician, his style of... Continue Reading →


Let go….

Let go of your egos Let go of your anger Let go of your fears Let go of your negative thoughts Let go of your anxieties Let go of your depressions Let go of the though of revenge Instead Embrace happiness Embrace good thoughts Embrace simplicity Embrace peace Embrace friendships Embrace life Coz life is... Continue Reading →

Music is life…..

That's so very true.....personally for me that is my lifeline....never been a performer, not in singing nor playing any instruments.....but what I am confident about is my song picking ability, without any bragging I can tell you that I have that odd knack of picking out the best tracks from many of them, where I... Continue Reading →

Relax…with Music..:)

Whatever we talk about the effects of music in our daily lives is very little compared to the actual effects music have.....Music has the greatest power for soothing the entire body system including the mind...it is always the best stress buster for me...just a half an hour session listening to your favourite music has a... Continue Reading →

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