Blogger Recognition Award….:)

Wow....this is really happy times and enriching for the entire blogging community....yes, it is..... And my heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Riya Rajayyan for sending me the kind nomination....:) She has a beautiful blog AestheticGraphy which is written from the heart and lovely to go through.....will request all to follow her blog and enjoy.... This Blogger Recognition... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it's for us to know that whatever we do with our blog holds meaning to us in such great ways because of the very important fact that our blogs are followed, read and commented upon by such a fantastic community of bloggers....:)....and that's special...:) This is just my simple way to show my heartfelt... Continue Reading →

Being good…..

Yes....being good matter what the situation, you be good, all these years it has worked for me, trust is time tested and proven...nothing in the world is more important to you than you being good to yourself and the rest of the world that you live be good...spread happiness among your... Continue Reading →

Thank you….

Even before a month ago I was apprehensive about starting to pen down my thoughts and experiences in a blog because I didn't know anything about blog writing.....but just after starting this blog few days back, I have realised that I really wanted to do this for a long time. ....that I am really enjoying... Continue Reading →

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